FACEIT Minors to be held at the prestigious Twickenham Stadium this July

FACEIT Minors Set to Begin on 7 July at Twickenham Stadium in London where teams will compete to secure a place at the FACEIT London Major; Teams Can Register Now for the Open Qualifiers of the FACEIT Minor at fce.gg/faceitmajor.

FACEIT has revealed the dates and location of the FACEIT Minors leading up to the FACEIT London Major taking place this September. Each region will compete live in London’s Twickenham Stadium, the home of England rugby, for a chance at $50,000 USD and a place in the FACEIT London Major Challenger Stage. The entirety of the 13th CS:GO Major will be held in London, making this the largest and most prestigious esports tournament to be held in the UK to date. This is the first time a single esports organisation has hosted the entirety of a CS:GO Major and in one location. VIP and Premium tickets have completely sold out with only General Admission tickets available which can be purchased at www.faceitmajor.com/tickets/ for as little as £15.00 per day.

FACEIT will host the Major from start to finish, from the Open Qualifiers, Minors through to the live finals. By bringing cohesion to the Major FACEIT hopes to solve a number of pain points felt by teams in past tournaments. Utilising their own competitive platform to run the Open Qualifiers will provide teams of all levels with an opportunity to compete, while also ensuring a seamless experience for players on their journey towards the finals.

New teams qualifying for the first time will benefit from the opportunity to learn from teams from different regions as FACEIT brings teams from each region together for the first time. Having all Minors take place in London and more time between online qualifiers and Minors also ensures no team that gets to the Minor will face visa issues for the Major itself. While less time between the Minors and the Major will mean fewer roster changes and more consistency between competitions so teams can focus on the game.

Twickenham Stadium will provide the perfect backdrop to the Minors. Owned by the governing body of rugby union in England, the Rugby Football Union (the RFU), the stadium hosts international matches for the England national team, further international and domestic rugby matches as well as music concerts. The entirety of the Minors will take place under one roof. The stadium will offer 24 hour practise rooms, two separate stages to ensure no time is lost for setup, a gym and executive chef.

“By hosting each stage of the tournament at Twickenham Stadium we’re hoping to bring new life to the Minors,” said Michele Attisani, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer of FACEIT. “The Major should be a celebration of all things CS:GO, we want to bring teams together for the first time and make sure teams of all levels feel welcome and feel the Major experience.”

The FACEIT Minors will begin in July with the Americas (North and South American regions) competing from 7-11 July, CIS from 10-13 July, Asia from 16-20 July and Europe from 19-22 July. It will also allow for more in-depth content featuring players and teams, with a similar approach to the broadcast as the well-received ECS Season 4 Finals in Cancun. The FACEIT Minors Open Qualifiers will begin on 14th May and conclude on 17th June with qualifier matches for teams in the CIS, Asia, European and both North and South American regions. Teams interested in competing can register now to participate in the FACEIT Minor Open Qualifiers at fce.gg/faceitmajor.

Following the FACEIT Minor Open Qualifiers, teams from North America, CIS and Europe will compete in the FACEIT Minor Closed Qualifiers against eight invited teams for a total of 16 teams battling for one of eight spots in each regional FACEIT Minor. In Asia, six qualifying teams will move straight to the FACEIT Asia Minor, while in South America, two teams will directly qualify for the FACEIT South American Minor. The FACEIT Minor Closed Qualifiers take place throughout June with CIS competing from 1-3 June, North America from 22-24 June and Europe from 29 June-1 July.

Teams invited to the CIS FACEIT Closed Qualifiers can be found below, along with teams invited directly to the FACEIT Asia Minor. European and North American Closed Qualifier teams will be revealed at a later time.

FACEIT Minors Closed Qualifier CIS teams
FlipSid3 Tactics
Nemiga Gaming
FACEIT Asia Minor Invited teams include

For more information on the FACEIT Major, visit the Tournament Format page or follow FACEIT on Twitter at www.twitter.com/faceit.