FACEIT Minor Viewers Guide

Everything you need to know about watching the FACEIT Minor.

What is the FACEIT Minor?

The FACEIT Minor is taking place at Twickenham Stadium in London, and is a qualification stage for the FACEIT Major. Thirty-two teams from four regions will battle it out to secure their place at the FACEIT Major in September.

What are the dates of the FACEIT Minor?

The FACEIT Minor takes place over four weeks, and consists of four regions:

Americas Minor – 7th-11th July
FACEIT Major - Americas Minor logo
CIS Minor – 10th-13th July
FACEIT Major - CIS Minor logo
Asia Minor – 16th-20th July
FACEIT Major - Asia Minor logo
Europe Minor – 19th-22nd July
FACEIT Major - Europe Minor logo

Where is the FACEIT Minor being held?

Every region of the FACEIT Minor is being held at Twickenham Stadium, London.

The FACEIT Minor teams

Americas CIS Asia Europe
NRG forZe Renegades ENCE
Rogue HellRaisers Signature Kinguin
Swole Patrol PLINK-TECH SCARZ Absolute LeftOut
compLexity Team Spirit Tainted Minds Ninjas in Pyjamas
eUnited pro100 Tyloo OpTic
Não Tem Como Monolith Uniquestars Red Reserve
FURIA VG.Flash Sprout

Where can I watch live?

The FACEIT Minor will be streamed live on YouTube, Twitch, and via CS:GO’s in-game viewer.

The FACEIT Minor is the first Minor where viewers will be rewarded with drops for watching, with these exclusively available through YouTube Gaming. Viewers on Twitch can gain access to unique emotes as a subscriber, as well as to subscriber-only chat. Amazon Prime members can subscribe to the entirety of the FACEIT Minors for free, by using their Twitch Prime subscription.

YouTube logo
Twitch logo

How can I receive FACEIT points drops for watching the Minors?

Throughout the FACEIT Minor, viewers can win FACEIT Points via drops on YouTube Gaming. All you have to do is link your FACEIT account to your YouTube Gaming account by following the steps in this handy guide, and tune in between 7th-22nd July.

Can’t watch live?

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